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An Inspiring Story of How PRASAD Empowers Women

Since 2001, PRASAD Chikitsa* has helped establish over 300 Self-Help Groups throughout the Tansa Valley in India. The SHG’s support the women in financial matters as well as other village development activities. Many women are speaking out and being heard for the first time in this patriarchal society.

In the village of Kusapur is a successful example of an SHG, where the women were empowered to rid the village of rampant alcohol addiction. The men of the village were spending the majority of their income on alcohol, leading to domestic violence, road accidents, health problems, and robbery. The women worked with PRASAD Chikitsa to determine the severity of the issue and then launched a campaign against alcohol by declaring the village alcohol-free, writing letters to sellers and buyers of alcohol about their efforts, and meeting with those who were addicted. Many men opposed the campaign, but after observing the women’s resolve, they accepted the value of the plan. The village elders supported the women in their cause.

The women watched closely and did not allow the sale of alcohol. It has been six months since the campaign launched, and the women are proud to say that not once has an incident of alcohol sale or consumption been reported since the village was declared alcohol-free. The women stated, “Our elders are praising us and we feel very proud. This is the greatest movement in our village history. This is the way women’s empowerment succeeds.”

PRASAD is able to empower hundreds of other women through your generous donations. With $130, or $11 per month, you could support an SHG for one year. Will you join us?

Thank you for your continued support!


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