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The Priceless Gift of Sight

The Priceless Gift of Sight

Join us in commemorating the 30th Anniversary of PRASAD Chikitsa by making a life-changing difference for someone in need.  Since 1994, PRASAD Chikitsa has provided essential health services like vision care to the indigenous tribes of India’s Tansa Valley.  Help us continue that legacy today.  For just $70, you can provide vision-restoring surgery to a person in need and help us reach our goal of performing 800 cataract surgeries within one year.  Will you join us and give the priceless gift of sight to a person in need?

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30 Years of Service

PRASAD Chikitsa has been a beacon of hope for 265,000 indigenous tribal people spread across 225 villages in the Tansa Valley in India. Among the organization’s pioneering healthcare endeavors stands its eye services.

PRASAD Chikitsa started work in vision care by holding free eye camps on a massive scale in the 1990s. During these camps, more than 40,000 villagers were examined and treated for ocular problems, including distributing more than 17,000 prescription glasses and performing thousands of cataract surgeries. Building upon the success of these camps, PRASAD Chikitsa established the Netra Chikitsa Hospital in Ganeshpuri in 2003. Today, PRASAD Eye Hospital has state-of-the-art facilities, including a cutting-edge operation theater.

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Saraswati’s Story

Saraswati, a widow living with her son and family, had been dealing with the burden of household chores while silently battling cataracts for more than a year. Despite her diagnosis, the daunting prospect of surgery held her back, until her vision reached a critical point. Simple tasks like cooking and cleaning became complex challenges, affecting her daily life.

It was the timely advice of her neighbors that brought Saraswati to PRASAD Chikitsa, where she received a ray of hope. After a thorough examination, doctors confirmed her worst fears: she had cataracts in both eyes. The doctor recommended cataract surgery as a solution to her declining vision. Bravely, Saraswati underwent the surgery. The next day, when the bandages were removed, Saraswati could see clearly and marveled at the smiling faces of her beloved relatives.

Saraswati expressed her sincerest appreciation. “I never imagined that such a quick procedure could completely change my world. Now, I can see it again. This gift of sight is truly priceless!”

Many individuals like Saraswati require eye surgery. That’s where you come in. Your donation can make a life-changing difference for someone in need. With just $70, you can support one surgery, helping a person to restore his or her vision.  Our goal is to reach 800 cataract surgeries within one year.  Will you join us in making a difference today? Thank you for considering this request and for your ongoing support of PRASAD.

Warm regards,
Dr. M Cecilia Escarra
Executive Director

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