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Happy Silver Anniversary, PRASAD Chikitsa!

This year we are celebrating PRASAD Chikitsa’s 25-year commitment to helping and empowering the 250,000 tribal people who live in 370 villages across the Tansa Valley, India.

We believe that for solutions to be meaningful and lasting – sustainable – they must be accomplished in partnership with the people who benefit, so our communities are always engaged in the solutions.

PRASAD Chikitsa, the first initiative of The PRASAD Project, remains today the most comprehensive.  Since 1994, PRASAD Chikitsa has worked in partnership with Tansa Valley families to improve their lives and livelihoods by providing sustainable solutions to chronic poverty,  malnutrition, and treatable illnesses through targeted health care, sanitation, agriculture, food and nutrition, education, and women’s empowerment programs. Our successes include:

  • In 2018 alone, we achieved a 95% success rate in curing tuberculosis (10% above the government target), lowered the malnutrition rate in children from 43% to 17% and provided 68,000 medical visits
  • Our mobile hospital has provided medical services to more than 1 million people
  • The rate of HIV positivity in the Tansa Valley is lower than India’s national level
  • The rate of HIV positivity in the Tansa Valley is lower than India’s national level
  • Eye care and surgery programs have benefited more than 200,000 villagers. Here, a villager shares her story:

“My eyes were bothering me for years; gradually I lost my vision until I was completely blind and no longer able to help around the house. I lived in darkness. My daughter-in-law took me to PRASAD Chikitsa’s eye clinic, where the doctors treated me for high blood pressure, high blood sugar and performed surgery to remove cataracts from both my eyes. Now I can see again, play with my grandchildren, and help out at home.”

Since the 1990 launch, PRASAD Chikitsa has provided eye screenings and treatment for more than 200,000 people.

Today, PRASAD Chikitsa operates a 25-bed inpatient ward and an outpatient clinic with modern eye equipment and continues to screen and treat hundreds of patients every year for cataracts, as well as other eye conditions. Our goal for 2019-2020 is to perform 700 eye surgeries. Your support will make this a reality.

A gift of $60 can restore the sight of one person in India.  A gift of any size helps to ensure the continued sustainability of all our programs.


Warm regards,

Dr. M. Cecilia Escarra
Executive Director
The PRASAD Project


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