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Jasmine Garlands – A Family Farming Together

Dear Friend,

Getting ready for our event Being Together, we thought we’d share this family farming success story…

In the Tansa Valley, rice paddy farming prevails. Worked by family labor alone, using 2,000-year-old methods – hand cultivation with hoes and spades – it’s hard work. But it generally doesn’t produce enough income to meet family needs.

Tribal Adivasi, Bhaskar Kachare, his wife Bhavika, and his parents Dayanand and Shobha, farm their land together in Gorad village. Bhavika also cares for their two children, Amina and Aman. The family has 2.5 acres of land. Two acres were being used for rice paddy; the rest was available for an alternative crop.

Bhaskar was looking for opportunities to increase the family’s income when he learned about PRASAD Chikitsa’s Floriculture initiative. He joined in 2016, and the family received 300 Jasmine saplings and ongoing guidance for their planting and cultivation.

Bhavika, Amina, and Aman Kachare amid the jasmine saplings

After one year of cultivation, the Jasmine flowers were ready for market, and have provided a steady income for four years running. In addition to selling loose flowers, Bhaskar sells Gajaras, a flower garland, made by Bhavika and his mother, which are in high demand during festival season. The family’s annual income has doubled from $400 to $800.

PRASAD Chikitsa gave us strong, healthy saplings. The money we earn from selling the flowers makes a big difference. Thank you for helping us with this wonderful opportunity and ongoing guidance.”  – Bhaskar and Bhavika

Bhaskar Kachare harvests jasmine blossoms from his garden.

Helping families develop new sustainable income sources is just one of the ways PRASAD is supporting families to be resilient and self-sufficient in these challenging times. Please donate today so that we can apply your gift where it’s needed most.

Thank you!

Warm regards,
Dr. M. Cecilia Escarra
Executive Director


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