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Environment & Tree Planting Programs

Living In Harmony with the Environment

The Tansa Valley’s rich ecosystem is at risk.  It is a source of Mumbai’s drinking water, has amazingly abundant biodiversity and is a corridor for wildlife moving between the Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. The Valley’s restoration and preservation are crucial ecologically and for Adivasi health and welfare; they depend on its natural resources for food, and livelihoods.

The forest is being depleted and damaged daily. It is a principal source of firewood for cooking and is being over-harvested. In addition, in the Valley, most jobs are in rice cultivation, but with a growing season limited by weather cycles, Adivasi families must find additional means to support themselves. Many turn to brick manufacturing, which significantly depletes soil fertility and creates air pollution and forest degradation through brick kiln fires. These activities also pollute the water source for Mumbai, so the impact goes beyond the Tansa Valley. 

If we think of the impact deforestation has globally – changing ecosystems, reducing the uptake of carbon dioxide and increasing the effects of climate change – then we realize this issue goes beyond our borders, and, as responsible citizens of the world, we must work to change the trajectory.

Over the last 17 years, PRASAD Chikitsa has been working to change the cycle. Through our Agriculture Program, we have trained and supported farmers to produce healthier, more abundant crops that are independent of weather cycles, preserve the region’s biodiversity and help farmers to double their incomes, making finding alternative work unnecessary. Our Tree Planting Program is engaging school children and community members in environmental awareness activities.

Environment & Tree Planting​

Tree Planting Program

PRASAD Chikitsa has invested in establishing tree sapling nurseries, planting and nurturing saplings, educating community members about the value of trees, and hosting celebratory events to engage villagers in environmental conservation. The Program’s goal is to provide a better quality of life for villagers now, with the promise of a replenished forest in the future. We want to rebuild environmental and economic sustainability in the Tansa Valley today and for the generations to come.

Since 2007, Women’s Self-Help Group (SHG) members have taken a lead in the tree planting initiative. They have planted thousands of shade trees in villages and at schools across the region. School children are learning firsthand how to plant and care for trees, as well as their importance in the eco-cycle. Farmers are planting forest trees and fruit trees for food and cash crops. Currently, we plant more than 11,000 saplings annually. To date, 99,000 saplings have been distributed.


Inspiring stories from PRASAD's Environment and Tree Planting programs.

A seed planted.
A seed for a better future!

Farming is the main livelihood for many people in the Tansa Valley. Help us plant seeds and help families across the region have a better life.