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Enhancing Childhood Nutrition

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Enhancing Childhood Nutrition

Although there has been strong economic growth over the past 20 years, India is still home to 33% of the world’s malnourished children. In the Tansa Valley, where many families live at subsistence level, without the means to provide adequate nutrition, malnutrition rates are even more startling – 67%.

PRASAD Chikitsa’s Nutrition Program helps to mitigate and prevent childhood malnutrition. Through village Anganwadis (preschools), children up to age 6 and pregnant and nursing mothers receive milk and nutritional snacks 6 days a week. Children also receive regular check-ups.

PRASAD works in partnership with like-minded organizations. Thanks to a grant from the dōTERRA Foundation, we were able to provide 21,000 nutritious snacks and milk to children. At the time of enrollment, half of the 217 children were malnourished. Within 10 months, everyone’s nutritional status had improved significantly, and 82% had moved solidly into the normal category, including young siblings, Manas and Manavi.

Three-year-old Manas and four-year-old Manavi live with their parents on a small subsistence farm. Realizing that she needed help to improve her children’s health, their mother, Pratiksha, sought out PRASAD Chikitsa, and the family enrolled in the Nutrition Program. In January 2023, both children were malnourished. Manas was a mere 15.5 lbs. and Manavi only 20.9 lbs.

In addition to the warm milk and snacks, the children took multivitamins, and, through health talks, Pratiksha learned about the importance of providing a balanced nutritious diet. By May 2023, Manas weighed 22 lbs. and Manavi 24 lbs. – both had achieved normal growth levels!

I offer my gratitude for the ongoing guidance and support you provided for my children, Manavi, and Manas’s wellbeing. You made a remarkable change in their lives” -Pratiksha

Most undernourishment happens during pregnancy and/or in the first two years of a child’s life. Without appropriate intervention, brain development damage is largely irreversible.

There are many more children in the Tansa Valley who still need nutritional support. With your help, we can benefit 500 more children this year. Take action today! Sign up to become a PRASAD Partner and with a monthly donation of only $11 you will provide a child with nutritional support for a year.

Warm regards,
Dr. M. Cecilia Escarra
Executive Director


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