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PRASAD’s Water and Soil Conservation Efforts

It finally feels like summer in New York! As much as we’re all happy to have some decent weather, we’d also like to take a moment to think about the devastating effect that summer can have on some of our beneficiaries.

Many of the villages located in the Tansa Valley of India face annual water shortages during the summer months as a result of hot, dry weather.

That’s why PRASAD Chikitsa (a licensee of The PRASAD Project located near Mumbai, India) created a water and soil conservation initiative in the area. The goal is to ensure better water management for the villagers in the Tansa Valley by combating soil erosion and purifying the local drinking wells.

The water initiative has also proven to be a great way for the Tansa Valley women involved in PRASAD Chikitsa’s Self-Help Groups to adopt leadership roles and become more involved in improving their communities. This effort helps restore and sustain the delicate balance of nature in the Tansa Valley.

We thank you for your continued support, which makes this project (and many others) possible!

The PRASAD Project

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