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Spring Update

In the Tansa Valley, floriculture has proven to be a successful income generator for Adivasi farmers because of high demand for blossoms and garlands for temple offerings. PRASAD Chikitsa has been providing farmers with jasmine saplings and cultivation support to help them grow bountiful crops, and it’s worked! See the Bhad family story in our Spring update letter.

Now, PRASAD Chikitsa plans to boost its golden Champa (a type of magnolia) planting program. Twenty-five farmers will each receive 40 golden Champa saplings, fertilizer, and cultivation support.

The great benefits of Golden Champa are their quick and long-term returns. The saplings start flowering within a year; they flower for six months a year, and, with proper care, continue to flower for 20-25 years! Farmers can earn $700 – $1,000 USD annually from an acre of golden Champa, creating long-term financial stability for their families.

With your support, we will increase golden Champa cultivation, providing farmers with self-sustaining incomes. Your donation today will help change the lives of farmers and their families and support our community development efforts in the Tansa Valley. Thank you!

Dr. M. Cecilia Escarra
Executive Director



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