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The PRASAD Project’s Recent Trip To India!

We are very excited to share with you our recent trip to India to visit PRASAD Chikitsa’s programs.

The time was well spent seeing the programs in action, as the people and local staff work together to improve their communities and to protect the environment. It was a constant contrast of strength and strife, beauty and poverty, challenge and hope.

Among the many unforgettable experiences was seeing the children excitedly waiting to receive milk and nutritional snacks from the PRASAD Nutrition Program staff.

We participated in the ceremony to retire the original Shree Muktananda Mobile Hospital after 37 years in service and to welcome the replacement vehicle. One of the speakers was a young woman who told us that she had been very ill as a child and PRASAD’s doctor diagnosed her with a life-threatening heart condition. Because of the timely diagnosis, she received the proper treatment. With tears in her eyes she stated she was alive to tell her story, thanks to PRASAD.

As the group drove along the road, the passing landscape was extremely hot, dry, brown and lifeless. In the distance, however, we slowly began to see the shimmer of green crops from a nearby farm. This was a perfect demonstration of the importance of the farming initiatives and the holistic work of PRASAD.

We are truly honored to be part of The PRASAD Project’s impressive achievements. We appreciate your interest and support and we hope you continue your contribution. The needs are clear and so is the impact of your generosity.


Harriette Cole
Frederic Dacqmine
Jyotika Patel
Deborah Royce

The PRASAD Project Board of Trustees

Dr. Cecilia Escarra
Executive Director

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