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The Ripple Effect – Empowered Women

Despite the pandemic, PRASAD Chikitsa continues to do two of the things it does best…building trust among tribal communities and empowering women to become self-reliant.

The tribal Adivasi people of Mahasepada, Tokarvira, and Pendhripada hamlets live at the lowest edges of poverty. They are entirely dependent on daily wages and/or agriculture activities. The pandemic lockdown cut off their earning opportunities, and their meager savings eroded quickly. Most families were struggling to cope.

PRASAD Chikitsa stepped in and included these hamlets in their food distribution, immediately improving their situation and creating abundant community goodwill. Since then, the women, who had been hesitant to trust have welcomed PRASAD Chikitsa’s efforts to organize Women’s Self-Help Groups (SHG) in their communities.

“We knew about PRASAD Chikitsa’s successful SHG program, but we only realized their commitment to communities during the food ration distribution. They were the only organization to help us. Now we are ready to engage in the SHG program and begin to become self-reliant.” Savita Baban Mhase, President, Ekvira SHG

The new Groups, Renuka, Om Sui Ram and Ekvira have 11, 10, and 12 members respectively. Each now has a bank account. PRASAD will continue to assist them with their monthly meetings, maintaining and contributing monthly to savings accounts, addressing personal and community issues, and learning basic business and numeracy skills.

Through the SHGs, members pool their savings to help each other meet emergency credit needs, launch businesses, and make community improvements. This support is one of the first steps in helping to create self-reliance despite deep poverty and raising the overall community quality of life.

“We had heard a lot about the SHG program and its benefits for women. Now, with guidance, we women are ready to unite as an SHG. We hope PRASAD Chikitsa will lead us to a better future. Thank you very much!”
Sarita Bhuyal, Secretary Renuka SHG

When women are empowered and earn their own money, there’s a ripple effect- families are healthier and communities improve and thrive. Just $120 launches a Self-Help Group. Please help us continue to provide education and economic opportunity to women and families in need and foster thriving communities with your gift today.

Dr. M. Cecilia Escarra
Executive Director



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