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Update: COVID-19 Relief in India

PRASAD Chikitsa distributes 200 meals every day to people experiencing homelessness.

Thank you for your generous support of COVID-19 relief in India and for all of PRASAD’s work. The response has been inspiring! We are putting your donations to immediate use.

Please listen to this video message from PRASAD Chikitsa Trustee Udayan Bhat for the latest update about India and our work in the Tansa Valley.

In addition to ensuring our beneficiaries’ health and food security in the Tansa Valley, we are partnering with Americares and local organizations recommended by PRASAD Chikitsa in highly affected areas like Delhi and Mumbai to provide life-saving equipment and supplies.

A PRASAD Chikitsa team member provides PPE to a police officer.

Working together across India, we hope to prevent the further spread of the second wave into areas like the Tansa Valley.

Your continued support of PRASAD Chikitsa COVID relief will help us achieve this. Please give today. and share this message with your friends and family.

In gratitude,
Dr. M. Cecilia Escarra
Executive Director



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