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Water for Food – A Gift of Love

The Tansa River in India

We are thinking of you this Valentine’s Day! As a PRASAD supporter, you are fully expressing your love for humanity, and we appreciate it.

This year, as part of PRASAD Chikitsa’s COVID recovery plan, we are focusing on helping tribal villagers return to self-sufficiency and good health. As of January, we have re-opened most of our health programs, and we are renewing our focus on food and water security through our Agriculture, Kitchen Gardens and Water Filter programs. We are also working to preserve the Tansa Valley environment through tree planting, which also provides income opportunities for villagers.

Clean drinking water is essential, but water is also crucial to help orchards and gardens grow. In the Tansa Valley, water scarcity is a challenge for farmers and can impact family food security. PRASAD Chikitsa helps farmers build wells to ensure a consistent water supply throughout the year. For Sakharam and his family, a new well was a life-changing event.

The Bhavar family of Gothanpada hamlet

Sakharam Bhavar lives with his wife Nirmala, their two sons and their wives, and four grandchildren. This family of 10 relies principally on rice paddy farming, but also has five acres of forest land to cultivate.

Sakharam started his fruit orchard in 2016 with 30 saplings, including mango, guava, and jamun, from PRASAD Chikitsa. His saplings flourished, so the next year he planted more mango. But, like others in the Valley, he was challenged by water scarcity and was afraid his crops were in jeopardy. So, the family dug a pit for irrigation water.

But, each monsoon season the sides of the pit would collapse, and the family would have the backbreaking chore of digging out the soil and silt to get water. Still, they were not getting enough water when the dry season hit, so they could not properly irrigate the orchard or expand the area under cultivation.

Sakharam Bhavar at his farm well

This past year, Sakharam came to PRASAD Chikitsa for help, and we supported his family in the construction of a farm well. Now, there is ample water for irrigation and Sakharam has planted 30 more fruit trees. He is also planning to cultivate vegetables in the summer.

“Me and my family used to work as laborers in desilting the well each year. It was hard work and time-consuming. Now, we can work our fields and care for our crops. We are even able to have a summer crop. Many thanks to PRASAD Chikitsa!”

Your donation will help families like Sakharam’s become food secure and establish a steady income stream. Think of what a difference this will make for tribal communities across the Tansa Valley. Please consider contributing what you can.

Warm regards,
Dr. M. Cecilia Escarra
Executive Director

U.S. – The CARES Act allows you to give more:
The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has extended its tax deduction option to help non-profits. Individuals can make an additional “above the line” deduction for charitable gifts made in cash of up to $300 or $600 if filing jointly, during 2021. This deduction can be claimed even if it’s not itemized on your tax return.



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