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2019 Spring Letter

Greetings from The PRASAD Project! Having just returned from a visit to PRASAD Chikitsa in the Tansa Valley in Maharashtra, India, I am excited to share with you all that I experienced. This was my first visit since joining the Board of Trustees, and I was humbled, inspired, and deeply moved by what I witnessed.

I visited farms thriving with bountiful, year-round fruit orchards in which PRASAD Chikitsa has helped provide water security.  In places where we do not yet have a presence however, I saw dry, barren fields and toxic smoke rising from brick kilns.  I met women brimming with confidence and joy as they shared the new-found empowerment they feel through participating in Self-Help Groups. Yet, I was also saddened, as many people shared with me their stories of challenge and struggle to subsist in this rural environment. Read the full letter…

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