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Aapka Swaagat (Welcome)

My name is Arpita Iyer. I am fifteen years old and from San Diego, California. I have just arrived in a rural part of India called Tansa Valley, about three hours from India’s urban hub, Mumbai. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to volunteer with PRASAD Chikitsa in their many different humanitarian projects.

I spent the early part of my childhood in Mumbai, often wondering why many of the children I saw around me were walking in the streets, knocking on car windows and asking for food or spare change, as I rode in my car to school. Where was their car? Why weren’t they at school? When I asked my parents these questions, I first discovered this perplexing idea of social limitations and socioeconomic privilege.

Ever since then, I’ve had a desire to help anyone I can; a passion for philanthropic work. This is what makes me so excited to volunteer with an organization like PRASAD Chikitsa.

I will be posting regularly over the next three weeks to share the incredible things I am witnessing and experiencing here!

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