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PRASAD’s Milk Project & Bhojan

PRASAD is literally a gracious gift to all of us. I call it a Nile with continuous flow of love, generosity, honesty and unconditional service to human kind. I have known PRASAD since I was a child. Through its initiatives and work, I was taught what giving means and the power it carries to bring a shift in lives of those who connect with it. 

I have been part of PRASAD’s Milk project and bhojan (food service for children) as well as a donor. I have witnessed this organization bringing light, hope, joy, contentment and willingness to give in people’s lives on a very large magnitude. Whenever I offer my services or donations, my heart fills with joy and happiness. I very often and quickly forget what I’ve done, however, what remains is a pond of nectar with boundless horizons. Health is a gift to all of us who needed help and were cared for by PRASAD. That too in the remote most areas those could be seen forgotten by us. 

Being connected with PRASAD gives me happiness. It gives me a golden and auspicious opportunity to contribute to the goodness and wellbeing of Mother Earth as a poet saint of Maharashtra, India, Shri Tukaram Maharaj says, “This world is my home.” 

Every single contribution is equally vital. In my life, PRASAD brought transformation within, not just on a personal level, but also on professional and social levels. 

I would like to encourage and inspire each of you out there to start thinking deeply about providing your assistance in all possible ways. Thank You PRASAD.

– PankajOfficePune

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