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A humbling first experience

I would like to share my 1st experience with PRASAD in 1996. I was a volunteer with the mobile van hospital going to different villages each day of week. It was a very humbling experience. I realized how this van is so necessary and helpful to the villagers who reside in remote places and who don’t have access to healthcare and have difficulty getting to doctors due to lack of road and transport infrastructure. They work daily in the fields, and without a social security system, taking a day off from work and to go to the city for a doctor is a burden, hence they avoid regular preventive health checks. 

In the villages the medical van visits women and children who got basic health screening tests done like weight, blood pressure, temperature and basic eye check-up. They were also given health education on the importance of women’s health and vaccination. The regular monthly screenings helped diagnose any problems in the early stages and provide any needed medicines. It was all free. My task was to assist villagers in lining up, help translate and assist the doctors. 

For me, having access to a good hospital or basic medicines was a normal thing. However, when I saw the villagers and how happy they are to get this help from PRASAD, I became more appreciative.  

The doctors and nurses would listen to all the problems of the villages while taking care of all hygienic aspects. They were so organized and so involved in this cause. I recommend this NGO, which is making a great impact in the lives of kids and women who live in remote villages in India.

– Rahul Jaiswal

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