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Helping Farmers Succeed

As we continue to celebrate our 30th anniversary, we look to share the stories that have inspired us and the goals we hope to accomplish. One important initiative for this milestone year is building more farm wells through the WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) Project in partnership with the Rotary Club.

In India, the livelihoods of tribal farmers suffer when wells fail – they no longer have a reliable income stream and can become food insecure. In the Tansa Valley, when water is scarce in the summer, farmers with failed wells are forced to look for alternate means of livelihood due to the lack of land under irrigation.

For many like Naresh, having a sustainable water source has a powerful impact on his family

Naresh Bhoir and his wife Neha with their well.

Naresh Ashok Bhoir and his family have cultivated fruit orchards for the past few years. Naresh wanted to bring more land under cultivation, but because his well was unstable, he didn’t have enough consistent water. Every year, during the monsoon season, the sides of his water pit would collapse contaminating the water with soil and silt, and he and his family would have the burdensome task of de-silting the pit to get clean water.

This past March, PRASAD’s WASH Project helped the family to construct a well! Naresh now has plenty of water to cultivate additional land throughout the year.

Construction of the well.

He is thankful, “I am so happy. Now, we do not need to spend precious weeks de-silting our irrigation water. We can now work on planting more on the remaining land.”

Naresh’s family is one of the many families PRASAD is impacting in groundbreaking ways. The Rotary Club donated funds to construct farm wells, but because the cost of supplies has increased, we need to raise $10,000 more to complete the 21 wells promised.

We would love your help to reach this goal and change lives for generations to come.

Your support is instrumental in reaching our goal for these communities, and every amount makes a difference in helping farmers succeed. Contribute today to see your gift at work!

Warm regards,
Dr. M. Cecilia Escarra
Executive Direct

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